Friday, 23 December 2011

Always hiding the fact I have ever so little to say that is of real worth

While I work on my second full post of my pink, fluffy and ever so moist blog I thought to help get the ball rolling I shall do a top ten list of random facts about your ever so lovely hostess, and who doesn't love pointless top ten lists?

Soooooo here we gooo!!!!!

1. I have what some might term an unhealthy fixation on Darren Hayes, seriously, ask Rambling Person :P

2. I have completed Max Payne a total of 19 times and Max Payne 2 17 times :D

3. I have a tattoo of the Umbrella Corp logo from Resident Evil on my left wrist and despite how much the series sucks at this point I am still proud of it

4. Whenever I or someone else tells a joke I can't help but play a little laugh track in my head like in American sit-coms and have always maintaned life would be much more fun it had a movie soundtrack. I also get tempted to wave to the studio audience when I walk in a room and feel sad no one cheers for me when I enter a room

5. My personal heroes are; Oscar Wilde, HP Lovecraft, Emilie Autumn and Danny Elfman *more for his work with Oingo Boingo*

6. My all time favourite book is Alice's Adventures In Wonderland and quite often like to hold my own little "mad teaparties" with my GF and teddies. It took my GF a long time to get what I mean't when I congralutated her on her "unbirthday"

7. My all time favourite album is "Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy" by Elton John though it is closely followed by "Make Them Die Slowly" by White Zombie.

8. I have recurring dreams of being an orange rolling through the woods at dawn, I cannot help but see this as proof that I shall one day be Queen of all oranges....

9. My favourite TV show next to Twin Peaks is Will & Grace and wish my life to be more like a sit-com

10. My best friend is the Rambling Person despite the fact he never, ever takes my advice, his life would be so much better if he did.......

So yeah ten facts about me!!! Don't you feel much more enriched having read this?


  1. I have taken SOME of your advice. The good bits. Most of your advice would land me in jail.

    Then again it IS an excellent place to meet men...

  2. I thought you liked prison, I remember I have never seen anyone take to a Turkish prison so quickly :P