Monday, 26 December 2011

Those damn Christmas songs just won't stop!!! -_-

As much as I had hoped to get this done yesterday Christmas for my family is a rather hectic affair so I had very little time to get this post finished then.

But better late than never, Merry Christmas to all my little minions out in the bloggersphere, hopefully this time next year I will be speaking to minions all over the world, minions who proudly wear my badge and spread my messages far and wide. I see no reason for this to not be true so am working on some kind of mind control device for you to induct your family and friends in to our little family.

Anyhoo future plans for world domination aside I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and spent it with those that you love and cherish. Especially since when I rule the world I shall eliminate Christmas and replace it with a more fitting tribute to me :D

My little self I went with my family to my Uncles as we do every year and had our yearly Christmas meal. It was lovely since sadly we do not get to see the extended family as often as I would like, and me and cousin have been best friends since we were little but you know how life takes you in different directions and you gravitate towards different friendship circles. So Christmas is the one time of year I know for certain I will see her and not speak through text. It is always nicey but when you are with people you haven’t seen in so long and are celebrating such a family orientated holiday I get a little sad thinking how different our lives have become and that it will probably be another year until we are all in the same room again feeling so happy *sighs*

Once we left I finally got a chance to open my new “Frasier” boxset *one of my most favvy shows* and got on my bed, opened a bottle of my Dads absolutely evil homebrew lager, vodka, whiskey *trust me its hard to tell* and settled in bed with my teddies to watch one of the best, and most well written sit-coms ever. It was a lovely night and while I was watching I was texting Mark who I don’t think has yet to be touched by the genius of Frasier J

It was all in all a lovely day, and the family for once was very happy and getting along which in my family is a rare thing indeed. I guess no matter what your views on Christmas are something about the lights, the tacky movies on TV and the songs just get to you and you can’t help but feel all nicey inside.

Sooooo how did you spend your Christmas and once again I do wish this could have gone up yesterday but then again I doubt many people would have been on yesterday anyways.


  1. Merry Christmas! I freaking love frasier. Poor Niles.

  2. I am still yet to be touched in my special area by Frasier. I can live with this. I'm glad things did go well for you with your family, you said they weren't the greatest of people, but everyone is different under the fairy lights and with the songs on.

    Except John it seems.

  3. I enjoy hanging out with my cousin C, and I saw someone from school actually and had a good chat with him so it was nice. Yeah some people even Christmas can't make tolerable. Such as T. And you need to be touched by Frasier, one of the best sit-coms of all time :D

  4. Are you, perhaps, a little bit of an alcohol addict? Lager, vodka, whiskey, phoogeez. But you had a rather "jolly" Christmas evening there. ;D

  5. Oops that joke kinda got lost in translation :P my Dad makes vodka, whiskey and lager homebrew but its all such a mindblowingly high percentage it tastes the same. I meant it as I just couldn't tell what I was drinking. But I am Irish.....