Monday, 26 December 2011

It is not, a skateboarding logo.......

As I said earlier, well a few posts ago, I am going to stay with my wonderful GF tomorrow and will not be able to get on the internet to update this blog so I am just putting a multitude of updates today and since I have made a few posts about my love of music so thought I would share a song :) that and writing all these posts in one day is tiring, especially since I am hungover :P and I always enjoyed Mark's posts where he would share songs.

Anyway this HIM a band I have loved for many years and seen them live more than once and they are always amazing live. In fact their song "One Last Time" from Razorblade Romance or an extra track on the special edition of that album if you live in the UK for reasons I cannot fathom, is the first song I ever sent my GF.
This song is one of my favourite tracks from my favourite of theirs; Dark Light. Hope you all enjoy it.


  1. Excuse me while I orgasm. I'm still envious you've seen him live. You still have your HIM jacket? You should post that.

  2. Wish I had time to spend with my girlfriend. She's working all week. :(

  3. They really are fantastic live, Ville's voice is even better these days and since he isn't drinking anymore he doesn't slur his words. No brah I ain't got it anymore, not sure what happened to it, want to get another one when I can and when I do you can be sure I will blog about it :) awww *hugs* hope you can see her soon!