Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The long night of the soul.... Or mind as it were

Today is a post on why I shall not be making a post *don't act like that doesn't make sense*
Well I went back to college today and met up with a friend before class who asked me if I am ready for the literary studies presentation tomorrow.... -_- Inside I was screaming, on the outside I was struggling to scream through tears :P I have been so consumed with the fact that my personal life has just descended to the seventh layer of Hell itself I had completely forgotten about it! Luckily it seems I am not the only one who had forgotten, before we broke for Christmas we could not decide when to have the presentation before or after, well actually it was only one person who wanted it after Christmas since they had a lot of work to catch up on before. And since we never really officially set the date many of us are more than a little unprepared for it. But since my grades are pretty high and have been through the course I really do not want to suffer just because of what is happening to me outside of college, that would be laying down and dying, I refuse to let things affect my education, if I do then my life will never get better!

Of course since its my life it couldn't just be this, no, after she went to her class I saw another friend who asked me if I am ready for the history exam we are about to have O_O its moments like this I like to believe in God because it gives me someone to pray to and curse all at once. She basically had to collar me and drag me in to class after drugging me and I sat down and realised I actually had no idea what the exam was on. It was such a wonderous surprise to see the question there and realise I haven't opened a text book on history since before Christmas *I only did my law essay the night before I handed it in, got full marks BTW* so I finished the exam in 25min, had two hours, not sure if thats either because I had so little to say or because I did really well but the answers came pretty easy to me. Fingers crossed for me, and for a normal post tomorrow :)

Tonight I will be working in to the night to get this presentation done, gonna stick some Elton John, make a massive cup of damn good black coffee and hope if I get it done then tomorrow I won't look so bad I don't look like I crawled out of the primordial ooze but the primoridal ooze itself


  1. Is that the law essay I helped with? I want to know how that went! I gave up my education because of my personal life, and I'm glad you aren't.

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  2. How is this not a normal blog post? Int's a web log of your life, which is exactly what it was made for to start with. ;D
    No worries, I do tons of personal posts from time to time, too.

  3. Sounds like you work hard under pressure!

  4. I know what you mean about the loss of a personal life. I've lost contact with so many people it's crazy.