Tuesday, 24 January 2012

*short story* Elizabeth Everstone part 2

Attaching C4 to the vault door it was clear that they hadn’t wasted their time on Earth, they had definitely kept up with the times, and by the sounds of the police sirens wailing outside the police had been alerted to what was going down here. Entering the vault another security guard inside hit the floor, looking at Nikita I couldn’t help but feel a little sick she was condoning this murder, where these really the kind of people she wanted to hang around with? I couldn’t tell just what she was thinking and it made me feel a little empty.

Once inside they started to rummage through the safety deposit boxes, countless millions in unmarked notes and gems littered the floor within minutes, the vault looked like King Soloman’s tomb in no time. “Hey, Elizabeth we have got to get out of here! These guys are killers!” Tugging at my sleeve and whispering quietly below the sound of cheers Nikita was having a good of a time at this party as I was it seemed, I couldn’t help but feel warm inside at the thought.

“Huh, I thought they were your friends?”

“Yeah! Before I met you and to a lesser extent Leon,” smiling as she said I melted a little. “When you’re dead you can’t be choosey with your friends. We need a plan, how can we get out of here? They are psychos we can’t say; oh yeah we’re just leaving; mass murder always dampens my partying mood! And with how freely they revealed themselves I can’t imagine they are going to leave anyone alive” Speaking in an angry whisper I couldn’t help but agree, and not just because of the reason you are thinking, it didn’t look like this was going to end well, all we could do is go along with it and bolt when the chance arose. But the army of police officers out there were not making things easy. While our hosts were invincible me, Nikita and everyone else trapped inside the bank were most definitely not.

“Throw down your weapons and come out with your hands up! We have you completely surrounded there is no escape, we suggest you give up now, release the hostages and we will take you peacefully” A gruff policeman’s voice blared out over the banks intercom, looking at Nikita I could tell by her expression she was expecting me to do something, but what option did I have?

“Oh man I love this part! You might wanna stand aside girls, things are about to get real nasty here” Cortez’s suddenly shone a brighter, deeper red, his stained white teeth grew sharper and longer, even the contours of his skull appeared more threatening until his expression once cold and dead became a discernible grimace of malice. Taking off their gloves and masks in turn they all transformed until standing before us were a gang of monstrous Zombies, their claws protruding from decaying flesh, their bodies a mesh of brownish skin, organs dripping greenish ooze, a foul stench filled the air that I had not noticed before. The sounds of salivating and heavy breathing surrounding my head and made me feel dizzy and confused. “Yeah man, this is the part I “live” for.” The one who before I pegged as the mastermind most definitely was such, his body muscular and heavy set, his flesh somehow not decayed or as ruined as the others. His claws long and red, encrusted with what I assumed what flesh, human flesh, peering DOWN at me he laughed throatily before walking past out in to the banks main hall. Shrieks soon overpowered the sound of the police siren orchestra, I closed my eyes and waited for the dull thud of claw meeting flesh and the panicked clank of shoes upon the hard floor.

“Aye ye think you’re an hard fucker just because you’re a big lad don’t ya?”

“Please don’t let that be who I think it is!” Shouting to myself I thought I was more frightened than I thought because I could have sworn heard Leon’s gruff, Scottish accent shouting from in the hall. Nikita ran to the door of the vault, calling me over she pointed enthusiastically at the unmistakable sight of Leon running around the feet of an infuriated Zombie scrambling to claw at him. Looking over at Nikita she seemed relieved, I really didn’t want to think she was placing over lives in the hands of a lion fetus, I really didn’t.

“Come on ye big bastard! Come and get me if ye can!” I hated to admit but he wasn’t doing all that bad, I have no idea how he was able to survive outside of his tank, or how within minutes he had sent the biggest Zombie there to the floor and any description I can give will never truly live up to the sight of a fetus jumping up and punching a near seven foot Zombie Spaniard in the face so you will have to imagine it for yourselves. The rest of the group seemed to be dumbstruck at this turn of events and within minutes Cortez had grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and walked me out to the main hall, pointing a gun at my head Leon took a few steps back and clenched his, I suppose you would call them fists or something. “This your friend little man? If you don’t back off she will deader than us and their wont be enough of her head to bring back!”

In life sometimes we do stupid things, very, very stupid things, what happened next was worse than those times. Remembering the gun I had strapped to my side I reached up with my arm and delivered as hard of a blow to his decaying rib cage as I possibly and leaped out of the way to hear a gun shot go off and pulled my gun on him delivering a full clip to his body. I didn’t think, I just acted and when he fell to the floor in a heap of guts I fell to my knees only to be grabbed by Nikita, sinking in to her hair I breathed heavily, her cherry blossom scented hair taking me for a few seconds away from this carnage.

“You two can cuddle up later, we’ve got a job to do here, in case you lovers hadn’t noticed there are still some more walking kebabs who wanna tangle” I looked up and saw Leon wrestling with two of them at once. Jumping over there shoulders and down their he delivered blows when and where he could, surprisingly with each punch they seemed to stumble, how was he so strong? Getting up I quickly reloaded and dismayed at only carrying enough bullets for one reload, would have to do the best with what I have it seemed. Behind me the sickly thud on the floor meant Leon had taken down another one. in the vault the remaining two left both charged at me and Nikita, sliding out the way I managed to trip one up though not without hearing a crunch from ankle, ignoring the pain I twisted around and sent two bullets in to the things head. The other one was chasing Nikita around the room, she ducked and dodge his blows gracefully. Pointing my gun at them I was too scared of hitting her, I wasn’t the best shot in the world by any stretch, fortunately Leon didn’t have such a crisis of conscience when deciding to throw a Zombie head in their direction, hitting the hulk of muscle he stopped and staggered in shock long enough for me to send him back to his grave. And when he went down I wanted to make sure he stayed down. A swift chair to his face wrecked any chance of even slight brain function still going on.

That brings us up to speed pretty much. We quickly closed the door to the vault while the hostages ran outside screaming, barricading us in it did not seem the best idea to us that we let the cops finds us; a woman with glowing green eyes, a walking, talking fetus and me, a private detective holding a gun and covered in blood and guts…..

The phone rang, picking up it might not have been the best idea to argue with the head of London’s police force but its not like things could get much worse, or weirder. Well the sounds of gun shots and police officers storming the bank was one thing.

“We really, really have got to get out of here! I can’t go to jail I’m too pretty and dead!”

“Isn’t there anything you can do Leon? You stormed in here and got us this far, in fact since we are probably going to be dead in the next few minutes, you wanna tell me how you did all that Rambo stuff?”

“What stuff? I’ve always been able to do that, you just didn’t ask me before, your always running around after her!” Pointing at Nikita I knew that if a dead person could blush she would be, she got what Leon meant and in that moment I was happy I was going to be dead soon . I’d hate to have even a corpse reject me. “And I can only leave me tank for short bursts of time so I think we best find a way out of here before we all die”

“Might I offer you some assistance?” turning around in fright we were greeted with a tall, thin man dressed in an all black, double breasted suits, his grey hair neatly parted to the side, high cheekbones and thin cheeks show he was in remarkable health for a man his age. His eyes concealed by blue lensed sunglasses his perfectly defined eyebrows perked up above them when he spoke, a man of obvious confidence given the situation and the almost excitable tinge to his voice, as if he savoured every word he spoke, impressed by himself constantly. Standing with a black cane that had a brass eagle top to it I could have sworn I had seen it somewhere before. “Elizabeth Everstone, I have been hearing all about you lately, it is an honour to finally meet you I must confess. Anybody who can have the entire London police force after her and with nothing but a Zombie and a fetus take down eight Zombies is a woman I would like to count among my friends. But excuse me, where are my manners? I am Nicholas Clermont, head of Sister Ray.”

“Sister Ray? Sounds like some government secret agent group, how did you get in here anyway?”

“All will be revealed in time and I can assure you if the government does know of us then we are not doing our job properly. We are nothing so pedestrian as you might imagine. We are made of “special” people with unsual skills. You seem to all have two choices you can come with me and I will explain to you exactly what is going on, or you cant take your chances with the police” stepping aside he revealed a glowing blue portal in mid air. Taking a deep breath we really had no choice. Suddenly I felt Nikita’s cold skin against mine, glancing at me she flashed a small, cute smile. With that the three of us walked together in to the unknown.
“Elizabeth Everstone, welcome to Sister Ray"


  1. I thought he was the devil.

    Son, I am disappoint.

  2. Never trust the government, first rule of anything.

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