Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Welcome back to Andalucia

Just making a quick post to let everyone know that I neither dead nor was I arrested for a string of public nudity charges that advancements in thong DNA analysing have made possible to convict me for. I have returned from seeing my beloved GF her wonderful city who I already miss dearly. After travelling from around eight this morning to mid afternoon I am back in the place where even the denisens of Silent Hill and Twin Peaks would turn up their noses and call us lower class scum and wind the windows up on their cars as they drive through all one mile of my village.
Tomorrow I should have up a few posts that are longer and more substantial than this one but I could not resist typing up something quickly as I have been deprived of my cutey, pink laptop for too long now and the white page on the screen is mocking me for not creating anything.
I thought why not do a New Years post? Everyone else has and it doesn't take much thought which after so long on a coach listening to children scream and people scream at their better half's is not something I am apt to doing right now!

So what has happened this year? Well, a lot actually, it has been one of the most blissful, wonderful and painful years of my life, whereupon I have grown emotionally and mentally and lost and won many friendships. A few I hope will come back in to my life as I miss them so terribly. I have come out the closet after many painful years in the wilderness, me and my GF celebrated four wonderful years together. Though with my coming out it really felt like the first proper one as we were together as we should be, no lies or mask upon my part and when I received my card and saw the differences in names upon it I burst in to tears, such a cherished moment, I am sure my kids will love screaming at me as I tell them the story over and over again.

I am currently finishing my A-Levels and have applied to university, I am also looking at flats near my GF and hope to get accepted in to the university where she lives. I am in gender therapy and hope this year to be starting HRT which means that like it or not mine and my families differences must be worked out despite how apprehensive they are at talking about it.

So yes last year it seems has set up a lot of things for my life that shall hopefully come to fruition this year, it all seems very exciting and full of change and hope for a better life. Such a shame that this year our Lord Cthulhu shall finally awaken from his slumber to kill us all, I was hoping to see what I get for Christmas this year....


  1. What can I say... Welcome to the future, at least. Make sure this year is as wonderful as you can possibly make it, Cthulhu isn't very forgiving towards those who wish they had spent their time better!

  2. Well let's at least be happy that you'll die with the body you've always wanted, and before they do advance DNA testing. I think this year stands to be a pretty good one for you. You'll be out of your house, out of the shire, and perhaps best of all, out of that man suit and into a bunny one.

    Epic Donny Darko reference FTW.