Monday, 23 January 2012

Sadly with this I can no longer keep up my pretense of insanity

Now after two rather strange posts from your humblest of writers I am doing a much more conventional post now.

What am I doing tomorrow you ask? Well not what I originally planned which is playing Half Life 2 and making sweet, sweet, salty lovin’ to Headcrabs with my beautiful red crowbar! No instead I have to go in to IT whereupon I will be tempted to use that red crowbar to remove my tutors gums without anesthetic. You see before Christmas I passed my final IT exam and had handed all of my coursework, which he marked one by one and then asked me to send it to him through email so he can go over it during Christmas but not to worry since he didn’t think he would find anything wrong. But if he did he would email me, well I never got an email and then when I went to hand in my final criminal law and history essays to the course overhead she asked me why hadn’t I been in to IT lately…. So tomorrow I need to go in and be lectured on how I am a very naughty girl for not going in to college on days when I wasn’t even supposed to!!! The last time I was in there he was being supervised because he had had so many complaints from students, I can see why now! I suspect I’ve been called in to make up the numbers because so many people have left his class. If tomorrow you see in the news an IT teacher has been gone at with a razor and salt you know who has done it.

On lighter news though me and me GFs relationship is looking up, we told her parents that we have broken up and now her father leaves her alone. No more ten hour scream-A-thons at how I am a immoral blight upon the beautiful straight race :P you know, despite that his DAUGHTER got with and has been going out with a GIRL for four years, its my fault for corrupting her and dragging in to my sleazy world of showtunes, Judy Garland music and clubs with hundreds of women but we all have the same haircut O_O yep, my fault that ladies and gentleman…. Her mother knows we are still together and doesn’t care as long as we don’t mention until he has moved back to his own house and can’t scream at her or anything like that. So now that’s out of the way we are happier than ever and these days I am always reminded of why I fell in love with the most beautiful Goddess in all of creation. Its good that I can at last see some light at the end of the tunnel of this situation. As for dealing with what he says when he finds out, well he won’t be living with my GF and that’s really a problem for future Jessica to handle, not mine :P

All around at the minute I suppose I cant really complain, even college tomorrow isn’t that big of a deal, yes I shouldn’t be called in but I wont have to do any work anyway. Ive already done it and when I get home I can back to listening to White Zombie Astro Creep 2000 and playing that most beautiful game Half Life 2, I didn’t think it was possible for them to top the first one or the brilliant expansion pack Opposing Force but they did. Now they just need to get around to doing Episode 3, if that becomes another Duke Nukem Forever I will send my loyal teddy minions out in to the night to kill! Or just go on the GameFAQs forums and bitch and stuffs, whichever one seems most appropriate at the time.  


  1. But they can't make a third one. Half Life 1+2= Full Life. It's over. Sad as that is. Your IT teacher does need to have a meeting with your good friend Red Crowbar.

  2. I can't believe your GF's dad isn't accepting of your relationship. Really isn't fair that you have to hide.